Welcome to the BenefitsEASY Training center!

We have created a platform designed from day 1 to be easy to use and provide the flexibility for simple edits or adding custom features that are important to you and your clients with ease.

Step by Step Training Guide

The detailed Step by Step Guide can be viewed and downloaded at any time. Often edits and improvements are added to the guide so be sure to check for the latest version regularly.

Please contact support if you find any issues or errors in the guide. We also welcome any feedback on how to improve the guide or improve the communication in any way.

Video Training Library

There are 2 options for learning how to build and manage a BenefitsEASY portal.

1. Watch the recorded full training session. This is the complete training done in a single video that can be stopped at any time as needed.

2. Watch the individual videos in order to complete the training in sections and to quickly revisit any section you need in the future.

SAMPLE Documents for Training

Learning the BenefitsEASY platform takes practice and completing each step a few times in most cases. We suggest using a client site to fully learn the system but you can also create a demo with ease to get more familiar with how to edit a site.

Feel free to download these SAMPLE files to practice uploading and editing pages.